June 12, 2017

Swimming Pool Coping

Classic Pool Coping

Pool CopingClassic Pool CopingPool Coping by FBC adds a finishing touch to any swimming pool application. This special brick product is designed to provide a smooth surface transition between the water’s edge and the surface of the pool deck.
Pool coping is designed specifically for the needs of the swimming pool and landscape professional. The smooth die skin finish is extruded with the 180 degree nosing in a 2″ thick, 3 5/8″ wide body. Pool coping is produced in 8″ or 12″ lengths.

Safety is a priority with FBC’s pool coping. The edges along the radius of the brick coping are slightly rounded to prevent any roughness that comes in contact with hands and knees as you enter the pool. No other pool coping is made with this “user friendly” feature.

PC - 200 Bone Pool Coping

PC-200 Bone Pool Coping


PC-240 Cherokee Red with Sunshine Paver Deck in W-300 Sunset


PC-230 Sierra Pool Coping

PC - 200 Bone

PC-200 Bone


PC-240 Cherokee Red Pool Coping with AC-360 Millstone

PC-240 Cherokee Red Pool Coping with AC-360 Millstone

Pool Coping may also be used for step treads or risers in walkways and planter construction calling for decorative wall caps. Brick pool coping offers above average qualities and resistance to slipping in wet or dry conditions.




Retro before and after
Retro Pool Coping
Retro Pool Coping by Florida Brick & Clay Co. adds value to your home by giving your old pool an excellent facelift.  It can be installed over your existing pool edging without any modifications. Since the Retro Pool Coping is 5/8″ thick, it allows you to install 1/2″ Sunshine Pavers or AmeriCraft III Tile over the existing deck and further enhance the beauty of any remodeling project.  Available in the same nine colors as our Classic Pool Coping, it can be used as a step tread on any Sunshine Pavers or AmeriCraft III Tile installation.  The dimensions are 3 5/8″ wide and 8″ long.  Call your local Florida Brick & Clay Co., Inc. distributor for pricing and availability.



Retro Pool Coping1

PC-240 Cherokee Pool Coping

Retro Pool Coping 2

PC-240 Cherokee Red


Retro Pool Coping 3

PC-260 Greystone Pool Coping



Disclaimer Notice
PC & RC-200, PC & RC-250, PC & RC-270 are not recommended in climates where freeze-thaw cycles are experienced.
Do not use muriatic acid to clean brick pool coping. We recommend commercial masonry cleaning products in accord with manufacturer’s dilution ratios.

PC 240 Cherokee Red
PC 280 Mahogany
PC 230 Sierra
PC 260 Greystone
PC 250 Cadet Grey
PC 270 Birch
PC 200 Bone
Color Selection PC 240 Cherokee Red
Color Selection PC 280 Mahogany
Color Selection PC 230 Sierra
Color Selection PC 260 Greystone
Color Selection PC 250 Cadet Grey

Color Selection PC 270 Birch

Color Selection PC 200 Bone